DELTA Teacher Training Course Mexico

Delta (Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

delta in ih mexicoDelta, the Diploma Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages is the pinnacle of qualifications for English teachers offering a dynamic, advanced blend of theory and professional practice.
The course has three modules which can be taken together or separately. The Delta modules are among the most prestigious in terms of curricular value in the field of English language teaching.
Delta certification is aimed at English language teachers who wish to deepen their professional knowledge and at the same time want to acquire more responsibilities in the profession, work field; since as this certification is at Master’s degree level, giving successful candidates applicant a higher professional status.


  • Theoretical perspectives on language acquisition and language teaching
  • Different approaches and methodologies, including current developments
  • Language systems and learners’ linguistic problems
  • Language skills and learners’ problems
  • Knowledge of resources, materials and reference sources for language teaching
  • Key concepts and terminology related to assessment


  • The language learner and the language learning context
  • Preparation for teaching adult learners of English
  • Evaluating, selecting and using resources / materials for teaching purposes
  • Managing and supporting learning
  • Evaluation of lesson preparation and teaching
  • Observations/evaluations of other teachers’ lessons
  • Professionalism and opportunities for professional development


  • Research into specialist areas


IH Mexico (International House Mexico) as one of the most comprehensive providers of Cambridge English Language Assessment teacher training programmes in North America, and is the second largest IHWO teacher training centre in the world. Delta modules are accredited and moderated by Cambridge English Language Assessment, part of the University of Cambridge and is internationally recognised, highly respected and a benchmark for quality. Delta is recognized teacher qualification by CENEVAL.

As a well-respected advanced in-service TESL/TEFL/TESOL qualification, Delta is a flexible way for experienced English language teachers to progress further in their careers.

Because Delta is awarded by Cambridge ESOL, part of the University of Cambridge, it is internationally recognised, highly respected and a benchmark for quality.

Ih Mexico offers:

  • Practical approach to methodology
  • Highly qualified, experienced trainers – we have one Delta Assessor on our team of trainers (Orlando Delgado Mata)
  • International House is one of the two authorised Delta centres in Mexico, and one of the five authorized centres in the North America.
  • Access to the ih World network of schools
  • Help with your accommodation in Mexico City
  • Delta is recognised by the Mexican Ministry of Education (SEP – Secretaría de Educación Pública) as an MA in ELT (Maestría en Enseñanza del Inglés).
  • Moderated by the University of Cambridge
  • Extensive supervised teaching practice
  • Job placement and careers advice service

Key facts about DELTA:

  • Modules one (exam) and three (extended assignment) are wholly externally assessed by Cambridge ESOL, whereas module two (course work/practice teaching) is assessed internally and via one external observation by a Cambridge ESOL representative
  • DELTA is comprised of three Modules containing course work, practice teaching, exam and extended research assignment
  • All DELTA courses are based on specifications designed by Cambridge ESOL
  • Visit the University of Cambridge site for more DELTA information at:


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Cities where you can take DELTA in Mexico

Mexico City – Condesa