TKT teacher training mexico

TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test)

tkt course in mexicoBy its achronims it means: Teaching Knowledge Test.

This preparation course is focused on English language teachers (Cambridge English: First – FCE, IELTS band 6), and have 4 years or more experience in teaching and do not have certification in English language teaching.
In its entirety TKT is completed in 30 hours in which all the data related to the TKT exam is contained and quality material is provided to be able to fully study the important items that are presented in the exam, guaranteeing a good result and in that way with the official certification provided by Cambridge Language.

TKT is an international assessment designed and administered by the University of Cambridge for native or non-native English teachers from around the world, whose assessment consists of 6 exams and is a reference in Mexico of the international certification for English language teaching, including The Ministry of Public Education (SEP) recognizes modules 1, 2 and 3 of this evaluation as minimum certifications to teach English classes in public schools.

Modules 1, 2 and 3 require, mainly, the development of reading ability in English, which examines the basic concepts of teaching foreign languages ​​in the contemporary world. These three exams do not evaluate oral proficiency.


This teacher training course is organized into the following modules:

Module 1 

Language and relative knowledge of the teaching and learning process:

  • Knowledge of the process of teaching a language
  • Knowledge of the process of learning a language
  • Description of language and language skills

Module 2

Class planning and use of didactic resources for teaching a language:

  • Selection and use of resources and teaching materials
  • Planning and preparation of a class or a sequence of classes

Module 3

Mastering the teaching and learning process

  • Classroom management
  • The language of teacher and students in the classroom


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